Weekly Update 6/14/2016

Weekly Update 6/14/2016

image001We’re in Corning, CA!
Corning is home to Bell-Carter Foods, Inc., which is the largest ripe olive processor in the United States. Corning also has a significant agricultural industry based on olives, olive oil, dried plums (prunes) including the Sunsweet label, walnuts, and almonds. Lucero Olive Oil, North American’s most award winning extra virgin olive oil company, is based here with orchards, olive mill, and a public Tasting Room.

We’ve run 721 miles.
We ran 59 miles in the past week.
We have 53 miles until Redding, and if we ran this pace for 9 weeks we’d reach Portland.

Featured Article: Ice or Heat?
You’re out for a run when you feel a sudden twinge in your lower calf. By the time you arrive home, that subtle twinge has turned into a tight ball of pain. What should you do next, reach for an ice pack or the heating pad?

image007Local Run: CSULB
The naturalistic, park-like layout of Cal State Long Beach has earned the campus numerous design awards, as well as other awards from gardening societies. The integration of landscaping and architecture is apparent at the school’s theater complex, where a dense grove of ficus trees is planted in such a way that it forms a continuation of the pillar-supported canopy at the theater’s entrance.


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