How do I join?
Sign up here!

What counts as a mile?
Any meaningful distance that isn’t just you walking about the office/store/post office.  Hiking, walking, running, elliptical, all of them can count of you want them to.

How do I change my profile pic?
Send the photo you want to alicen.lewis@laserfiche.com.  Photos should be square, otherwise they will be cropped.

Why haven’t I gotten ________ badge?

There could be a few reasons:

  • We didn’t realize you should have received it.  Send an email to alicen.lewis@laserfiche.com to contest any badges you think you should have gotten.
  • Badges are not retroactive, so if you joined after you’ve run a 5k/10k/half/full, you won’t get the badge until you’ve run it again.
  • You didn’t track any runs for that segment.  If you want a city badge, you must contribute at least one mile for that particular section.

Who decides the route?
You can vote for the next city we’ll run to here.

I entered my miles wrong, how do I fix it?
Email alicen.lewis@laserfiche.com and she’ll give you temporary access to the database.

I have feedback/suggestion/bug/new feature idea!
Please, let us know!  We are always changing and updating the website, so even if we don’t have the bandwidth to implement the change now, we’re always looking to improve in the future.