Getting Started

What is Run Club?

Run Club is a group effort to combine our miles to run across America.

Your Profile – From your profile you can track your miles, display your badges, and view your run log.  Have a suggestion for a new feature for the profile page?  Shoot an email to

The Team – The Cities page tracks the total miles we’ve run as a team, and you can either see our mileage from Long Beach, or just for the current segment.

Updates – Once a week you will receive an update on what city we’ve hit and how far we’ve run, as well as a local run and a featured article.  Feel free to contact us if you have any content you’d like to include in the weekly update.  Once a month you’ll receive an email on changes to the site, new members, and other important update information.

Have Questions or Want to Give Feedback?  – Check out our F.A.Q. or shoot us an email at